York City – The Second New Dawn?

By on August 1, 2013

Around this time last year my wife and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip to Doncaster, although not the usual choice for a romantic day out there was a cause far more important than celebrating our love for each other… celebrating our return to the football league. So our first game back was actually in the league cup… on a saturday and after 120 minutes of football in the glorious Yorkshire sun the game was decided on penalties and although we lost, I left with a sense of optimism and thinking if we can hold our own against a team that finished 52 places above us last season we can make a real go of this.

So a year on we are here again, well not quite Doncaster but the dawn of a new era at least. Gary Mills has departed and Nigel Worthington is at the helm, a new squad of players who appear to have gelled well in the preseason friendlies and an opening game is a great character test against beaten Playoff finalists Northampton Town… I wouldn’t miss it for the world would I?

Well actually I am… you know that wedding anniversary trip to Doncaster, it came with conditions, needless to say I will have to miss the next couple of opening days until the Football League realise the inconvenience of playing games around the 10th of August.

But all is not lost, I actually live in Gateshead and therefore each home game has a round trip of 186 miles and the last season was incredibly hard for me, not only were ALL away games south of York but even home games i could not attend led me to nothing but a text feed on the BBC website or the over-excitable Sky Sports News team. Traditionally in the conference I was happy to listen to the dull tones of Barry Parker and his ‘assistant’ Chris Jones but due to Football League rights they were unable to broadcast online last season.

So as the first day of the new season and the ‘Worthington Era’ is upon us I have paid my subscription fee to the YCFC website and given a wide birth on any saturday afternoon activities, while I am not there in person I am there in spirit, proudly wearing red, as optimistic as ever and singing loud, proud… WE ARE YORRRK!