Eastleigh vs Salisbury City Friendly Match Report, 03/08/13

By on August 4, 2013

On the 3rd August, Salisbury City travelled to fierce rivals Eastleigh Town for their final pre-season friendly match. There was a chilly south westerly wind at the Silverlake Stadium, but otherwise, the weather was very pleasant. Both teams were fielding strong sides, with the vast majority of the players starting expected to start in their first competitive game this season.

As the referee (Adrian Quelch) blew his whistle to get under way, the game started relatively evenly, with very few clear cut chances. Reason and Obudabe had some nice attacking play for Eastleigh, but they struggled to penetrate the penalty area. At the other end, both Sinclairs were looking dangerous by linking up with Wright, but no proper chances had been created by either side until an excellent passing move by Salisbury who passed it through Eastleigh’s defence before S.Sinclair back heeled the ball to Ryan Brett, who had a powerful shot from just inside the penalty area go over the bar. This was the start of a change of power, as Salisbury had a lot more possession and a pass back to Dovey would result in the first goal. Dovey took his time and with the tall figure of Ben Wright closing down on him, tried his luck with a clearance. It didn’t work. Hitting Wright’s leg the ball trundled into the back of the net, much to the dismay of the Eastleigh fans. 1-0 to Salisbury, 13 minutes gone.

Then, Evans lunged in on R.Sinclair as he skipped past him but missed both the man and the ball. He fell awkwardly, and limped off the pitch to be substituted by Fleetwood in the 19th minute. This change seemed to unsettle Eastleigh as Wright had a low shot well-saved by Dovey who would make his second mistake of the day minutes later as he dropped what appeared an easy catch at the feet of the Salisbury striker, Feeney, who could not finish from the tight angle and it went harmlessly into the side-netting. All of a sudden, from a counter-attack after a period of Salisbury dominance, Eastleigh broke away with Odubade down the wing, who lost his marker, Brett, and delivered an inch-perfect cross for Jai Reason to flick home with the finesse of an acrobat in the 37th minute. Eastleigh dominated the rest of the 1st half, but could not find the breakthrough as Salisbury literally threw their bodies in the way of some of the shots.

Half-Time: 1-1

The 2nd half started in a similar fashion to the 1st, but more attacking football was played. Salisbury finally managed to break away from intensive Eastleigh pressure in the 56th minute, when Theo Lewis after weaving his way through Eastleigh’s defence played a fantastic through ball to Rob Sinclair,  who curled the ball around the keeper from a tight angle. 2-1 to Salisbury.

In the 58th minute, 6 substitutions were made. Frear, McPhee and Fitchett came on for Lewis-who appeared to have picked up an injury-, Feeney, and R.Sinclair for Salisbury while McAllister and Scannel came on in place of Odubade and Strevens for Eastleigh. Eastleigh also changed keepers with Flintney coming on for Dovey. Kamdjo then came on for Salisbury in the 62nd minute in place of Brian Dutton.

The substitutes had immediate impacts, with Eastleigh forcing Puddy into a fine save from a header after a long attacking spell, while Salisbury went very close as Frear ran from the half way line through the hear of Eastleigh’s defence before his curled shot hit the post. Eastleigh piled the pressure on a Salisbury team quite happy with the score, and as a result had numerous goal mouth scrambles. Despite this, both teams struggled to get in on goal for the rest of the match and the score stayed the same.

Full Time: Eastleigh 1-2 Salisbury


Starting Line Ups:


Dovey (Flintney, 58), Dillon (Fuller, 80), Green, Collins, Beckwith, Todd, Evans(Fleetwood, 19), Southam, Strevens (McAllister, 58) Reason, Odubade(Scannel, 58).


Puddy, Ruddick, Brett (Salmon, 74), Dutton (Kamdjo 62),, Clarke (Muscat, 72), Wilson, S.Sinclair (Thompson, 74), Lewis (McPhee, 58), Wright, Feeney (Fitchett, 58), R.Sinclair (Frear, 58).