Barnet may be top, but it is not all buzzing for the Bees

By on August 28, 2013

Top of the league after five matches, with the best goal difference in the division after keeping three clean sheets, all should be rosy for Barnet right now. However, things are not quite as it seems.

Despite the position the Bees currently find themselves situated in, a string of below par performances have caused some disgruntlement within the supporters. Whilst it is evident for all to see that Edgar Davids has adopted a passing style of playing out from the back, a sheer lack of creativity in midfield has seen his side struggle to create many clear cut openings in front of goal.  Barnet have an abundance of holding midfielders at the helm, notably Curtis Weston, Luisma and Mark Byrne, but no real attacking option to run from deep at opponent’s defenders to help set up and score goals.  Indeed, Barnet seem so unadventurous, that the ball seems to be passed back to goalkeeper Graham Stack at any possible moment, in fear of conceding possession in the middle of the park.

If you offered every Skrill Premier club before the Bank Holiday weekend the chance to have obtained 4 points out of 6, a majority of teams would have probably snapped your arm off for it.  That is what Barnet got out of their matches against Nuneaton at home and Braintree away, which finished a 1-1 draw and 0-3 victory respectively.  Yet both performances were diabolical.  Nuneaton should have been steam rolled and annihilated by Barnet, yet set up in a way that did not allow them any chance of attacking themselves.  Somehow, they grabbed an equaliser after Jake Hyde’s opening strike and went home happy with a point, yet it felt like a defeat and a kick in the teeth for Barnet.

Two days later, on the Monday, Barnet travelled to Braintree.  It was more of the same for them; dominant, but with no spice.  This was even against ten men after a Braintree red card after two minutes and another red after half an hour.  11 full time players playing against 9 part time players should, on paper, be a formality.  But nothing is ever a formality when it comes to Barnet.  It was painful at times seeing no urgency in attacks and only managing to limp to victory with three second half goals from Marsh Brown, Mark Byrne and Jake Hyde.  A disgrace of a performance on a shambles of a pitch is what it was actually, but at least three points were in the bag.

There are no two ways about it.  Things at Barnet desperately have to improve or else there is no way will they be celebrating promotion come what April.  Will there be new signings? It’s doubtful, but at least it looks as though another relegation scrap will not be on the cards for once.